Keep your pipeline flowing with the addition of safe, reliable Slip-Stream heat, using Certek’s mobile heating system.

  • Inexpensive: Certek Heaters have been designed and developed to provide point source heating in oil and gas environments; this means they are rugged, reliable and flexible. Once we determine the heating demand required we select units that are already in service, pair them with heat exchangers that meet the pressure and flow requirements and incorporate them into your pipeline with minimal cost.
  • Package Deal: Certek is a solutions company, this means we will design and provide packages that are ideally suited to handle your specific requirements. And because the heat source is our tried and tested Certek Heat machine, we can deliver a reliable package with short lead times.
  • Safety: Certek’s pipeline heating solution offers a way to heat flammable liquids with minimal risks. Certek uses a heat medium (heat transfer fluid) to transfer heat from the heater to the exchanger. The exchanger is built to match the pipeline design standards and is installed as a slipstream system. The integrity and safe operation of the pipeline is not negatively impacted by the installation of our heater. Ignition source is kept far from any flammable fluids.
  • Proven and Trusted: Certek has successfully provided slipstream heating in some of the worlds harshest climates, and has met the highest standards in both environment and safety. If you have any pipeline flow issues, you need to talk to Certek.

Features and Benefits

With the heat exchanger right next to the pipeline, you can keep the amount of piping to a minimum. Prevent down-time through proactive heating.

Unit temperature is operated at rates which allow maximum transfer of heat to fluid resulting in higher fuel efficiency.

No degradation to firing rate of heaters when using natural gas as a fuel source. The heaters maintain a constant BTU/h output regardless of fuel source (IE. Diesel, propane, natural gas).

The heaters operate near condensing flue gas temperatures which allow for up to 87% efficiency use of fuels.

Unit operates at atmospheric pressure mitigating risk of explosions and serious burns. Flammable fluids will be kept far away from any ignition source.

All units are capable of being remotely operated and monitored for uptime by 24/7 staff using satellite link for increased reliability.

Easily move and spot the unit with just a semi-truck. Easily move all equipment with each new operation and application.