Certek has it’s roots in the construction industry.

As such we are unequaled in our industry knowledge market experience, value and customer experience.

Certek provides robust ground thaw and space heating solutions for any sized construction site.

Unlike other ground-thaw companies our heating units are appropriately sized to get the job done in a time sensitive manner, and with less fuel.

Our air heating is unique in that our air handlers will not fill the air on your work site with hazardous fumes. Our heated air is clean dry and 100% non toxic.

From 100,000 BTU/h to 500,000 BTU/h per air heater, we have the appropriately sized heater that will keep your work site warm in any weather.

No one should have to breath the toxic exhaust fumes that most construction heaters belch into your work site air. Let Certek take care of your heat so you can breath easier knowing that your employees can breathe.