Certek’s water transfer operations are supported by FluidSource.

FluidSource is an innovative, state-of-the-art application for monitoring all aspects of the water handling process.

With FluidSource,  you can

FluidSource is accessible in a cloud-based web interface specifically designed for both mobile phones and PCs.

Track total volume transferred, water flow rate, temperature and pressure. 

Avoid the costly impacts of equipment failure, including line blowout detection, power loss, and running out of fuel. All alerts are delivered directly to workers’ mobile devices via SMS.

FluidSource ensures that all water transfer projects are in compliance with the terms of the TDL.

With FluidSource, it’s easy to manage multiple projects at one time.

All data and events are stored in the cloud and easily retrievable at any time and from any where.


  • Uses both satellite and cellular technology for reliable communications in more places.
  • Low frequency so as not to interfere with other communication devices around. (For device specifications please contact Certek.)
  • All historical data on events is stored for reference to ensure a way to keep track on our performance of the most reliable system available.