Commonly asked questions we answer in order to provide a better understanding on how what we do and how we serve our customers. For more answers to your questions, feel free to contact us anytime. You can also email us at [email protected].

There are a few reasons.

First, by calculating the fuel input vs. the heat output. For example, there is only 139,000 Btu’s in one gallon of diesel. It takes 1 Btu to heat 1 lb of water 1F. The rest is math. To heat 10,000 gallons of water 20F at 100% efficiency, it would take 10.8 gallons. It takes Certek 12 gallons to heat 10,000 gallons 20F.

Second, we actually operate at lower temperatures than conventional steam boilers. This decreases the flue temperature and increases the efficiency of the heat transfer.

Third, the system is electronically controlled and fully automatic. Fuel and air mixture are always set to reduce emmissions and heat loss.

Fourth, the design of our systems is such that the heat recovery from the flame to the fluids is maximized through design features in the heating core.

See our calculator for more information on fuel costs for Certek vs. other means of heating.

Disclaimer: Due to variables in many of the mediums involved such as atmospheric temperature, wind velocity, fuel grade, fluid viscosity and many other factors actual field outcomes may vary.

Yes. All of our heating systems use the product called Vanfrost, a chemical which is found in food, makeup and other household products. It’s chemical name is ‘propelyne glycol’. We mix this product with water giving us a 50/50 mixture which we then use in our systems. Many airports use this same type of chemical to de-ice planes. An MSDS sheet is available here.

Yes. One of the exciting features of our units is it’s ability to run on natural gas. This allows our customers the ability to reduce their fuel cost by over 40%. Certek machines can also operate on diesel and propane.

First, by simply using any of Certek’s equipment. We use high efficency equipment to get as much of the fuel’s energy into what needs to be heated. Second, use natural gas as the primary fuel source. With a toggle switch, Certek’s heating units are capable of going from diesel operated to natural gas.

No. Depending on the scope of work, most jobs require a crew to mobilize and demobilize the job. When everything is setup properly the machine will report its status to our operations centre in the event of an outage.

On more active sites requiring more frequent movement of equipment or on larger sites, Certek has shift crews ready and available at the request of the client.

Since creating steam produces pressure, our units cannot produce steam. Pressure systems, like steam boilers, significantly increases the risks to machines and manpower. All Certek heat machines run at atmospheric pressure creating a much safer, steam free environment. As a result our systems are inherently safer and do not require a licensed boiler operator to be present to operate the units.

In most cases using our freeze prevention system will not require the use of steam.

Reduce downtime and indirect costs of a freeze up when something does not go as planned. By keeping everything warm, there is no need to drain freshwater lines or worry about freeze up of valves and manifolds. Avoid having to use vac trucks to suck down lines or superheaters to keep water from freezing. Indirect costs may also be avoided such as safety and environmental issues, road traffic, site congestion etc.

Regulations vary in each locale. Generally, Certek machines are allowed to be 25-50 meters from the wellhead. However, our Hot Orange air handlers use Div 1, Class 1, components which enable them to be right next to the wellhead. Our heat tracing can also be used right at the wellhead. Certek machines exhaust vents are equiped with a spark arrestor.

Our units are equipped with a primary spill containment. Secondary containment can be supplied by Certek.

Reduced costs. Certek is far more efficient than any hot oiler or superheater that we know of.

Certek was the first to develop a communication system connected to the web for unattended monitoring of units using satellite technology. See our remote monitoring page for more info.

We do. Our commitment to health and safety of our workers is very important to us. Certek has received a Certificate of Recognition from the Alberta government for it’s safety program. We also participate in career development and training for managers and workers.

We have a number of them. Over the years our client list has grown and includes many small and large multi-national corporations. They range from oil and gas, mining, environmental recovery and contruction companies. A partial list of companies we work for are: Chevron, Shell, Weyerhaeuser, Exxon, Earth Tech, Matrix Solutions, Conoco Phillips, Nexen and many other companies. Contact us for specific references.