Kodiak Heaters

Kodiaks are the source of all our heat. These units are the most efficient systems in the industry today. Using hydronic heating transfer technology, they provide a level of safety and effiency unmatched in the heating industry. Safe, clean and affordable, the Certek machines all run at atmospheric pressure eliminating the need for costly boiler technitions needed to operate the system. This system also avoids many of the hazards associated with pressurized vessels.

Certek delivers units with outputs of 1.2MM btu/h, 1.8MM btu/h and 12MM btu/h. By design the systems are all modular with the capabilities of daisy chaining as many units as are required for the applications. From heating large bodies of water, freeze prevention systems or other heating applications, Certek’s hydronic heat machines are the most efficient and safe way to go.

Advantages of using Certek

  • Produces heat for steam production, air handling, and heat tracing
  • Operates on natural gas, diesel, or propane
  • Fast mobilization and demobilization
  • Reduce fuel costs (calculate)
  • One design useful for many applications using Certek’s array of accessories for oil and gas, construction, and mining industries
  • 24/7 remote monitoring of assets by Certek personnel for optimal uptime