The Hurricane Heater is head and shoulders above the competition.

Place the Hurricane Heater inside of exclusion zones, while running on Natural Gas, Diesel or Propane.

  • Fresh Breathable Air Only
    Unlike other heaters, the Hurricane does not mix it’s exhaust with the output air, which means you can safely run the heater in areas where human occupancy is a requirement.
  • Package Deal
    The Hurricane runs off of our Kodiak Heater, so you can run a vast array of our other accessories off of the same heat source, and all at the same time. (steam, line trace, water etc.)
  • Don’t waste your Heat
    Most heaters intake outside air and then heat it to their target temperature, which can require almost double the temperature rise to reach the same target temperature. Certek’s Hurricane heater can be run inside of the area that is being heated, (Class1 Div2) allowing it to re-heat it’s air without the need for bulky and poorly insulated duct work. This means that after a short time of operation you can drastically lower the heat-rise required, which in turn significantly lowers your cost of operation.
  • Huge Air Volume
    The Hurricane runs at an industry leading 6,000 CFM with 18” ducts, to give you more than enough air for almost any application.

Features and Benefits

The Hurricane is Class 1 Div. 2, which means that it can be run legally inside of exclusion zones, and other hazardous areas.

Because the unit produces ZERO emissions, the Hurricane is able to re-heat all of the air in an enclosed space which will save you on fuel.

No degradation to firing rate of boilers when using natural gas as a fuel source. Boilers maintain a constant BTU/h output regardless of fuel source (I.E. diesel, propane, natural gas).

The Hurricane can run much closer to the area requiring heat, vastly reducing the duct work needed. Certek also runs at one of the highest natural CFM ratings of 6,000 on 18″ ducts. All this adds up to Huge air volume.

All units are remotely monitored for uptime by 24/7 staff using satellite link for reliable uptime.

Quickly move and spot the unit by using a half-ton pickup, or by hand.