Hot Pods

Frac Pond, Modular Frac Tank & High Volume Fluid Heating

The patented CERTEK Hotpod raises the temperature of large bodies of water in an efficient and continuous manner. It can warm water to a specific temperature, or for simply preventing freezing, and can be used in ponds, dugouts, cisterns, and tanks.

With the patented CERTEK Hotpod, the entire body of water is heated from the inside-out and easily maintains exactly its desired temperature. The patented CERTEK Hotpod process creates a 100% efficient heat exchange, and enables heating large bodies of water with less energy, constantly and unsupervised.

Advantages of using Hot Pods

  • Low cost alternative over traditional methods
  • Lower evaporation rate for fluids in modular frac tanks
  • Fast mobilization and demobilization
  • Cost savings over traditional methods