Companies Switching to Natural Gas

While many in the oil and gas industry are advocating for the use of natural gas for everything from transportation to fracking operations, the switch is not always as easy as it sounds. There are often performance issues due to the amount of energy per unit of measurement. One gallon of diesel is about 139,000 BTU, which is equivalent to 130 cubic feet of natural gas. Diesel is a liquid that is easily transported in tanks while natural gas must be shipped under pressure. However, because of the huge boom in shale gas, the supply has amounted to a large gap between the prices of diesel and natural gas with the latter being significantly cheaper. Many of these challenges are being overcome by energy companies who are realizing the significant cost savings that can be achieved by using natural gas.

In the past year, two multinational oil and gas clients of Certek have been in the process of switching many of their vendors and suppliers to natural gas. Certek has successfully switched our units to full natural gas use while maintaining 100% BTU output. While many other heating systems suffer from output degradation due to the lower burn temperature of natural gas, Certek has designed our systems to run at the same output as propane or diesel.

Using natural gas as a fuel source will significantly reduce the cost of heating sites and will help reduce the CO2 emissions of oil and gas companies.

Another added benefit of using Certek during this transition has been the easy switch from diesel to natural gas and vice versa. During testing phases Certek was able to simply switch back to diesel in the event of natural gas supply issues. This gave clients the opportunity to test in an environment that was cold and while never being at risk that there would be a freeze up.

Certek provides hydronic based heaters that operate using diesel, propane or natural gas. Our heaters are used to provide site heating for production tanks, freeze prevention for manifolds, space heating for wellheads, steam, and many other proactive heating solutions without the use of high pressure boilers. The Certek Major 9, which also runs on natural gas, is used primary for frac fluid heating.