Certek USA Celebrates New Ownership!

We are proud to announce that Certek Heat Machine USA is now officially under new ownership. My wife and I would like to thank every one of our employees, colleagues, vendors, mentors, superiors, and especially customers who have helped us and Certek grow to the point that it is at today, and who have helped make this purchase possible.

Over the last 16 years, Certek’s founder and his wife, Dick and Joanne Barendregt, have taken the company on a journey that has led it to becoming the premiere heating solution of its kind in North America. Starting as a small, family business in the construction world of Alberta, Canada, Barendregt’s leadership has taken Certek far beyond, helping clients find solutions to their heating problems from the tundra of Alaska, all the way down to the deserts of Texas.

My journey with Certek started a decade ago in 2010 when I worked in Colorado as a field hand, wrapping hose and setting up machines for customers in the winter months. Over time I moved up to Operations Manager where I handled developing systems to improve production and efficiencies throughout the company before taking a hiatus from the company, 5 years later. In 2018 I was recruited back to Certek as the Director of US Operations where we’ve since pulled the company out of a slump in profits and have increased our customer base and footprint by over double in the last two years. Together with my wife, Felicia Jones, the opportunity to purchase Certek USA has been an incredible blessing and it is in honor to be entrusted with writing the next chapter for a brand that has such a unique and special niche and reputation for quality products and superb service.

Along Certek’s 16 year journey, Barendregt’s daughter, Felicia, grew with the company, working in all levels of finance from running payroll to securing large loans and negotiating contracts over the years, eventually becoming CFO, the title she currently holds. Starting out as a family business, and always having family as one of our core values, it’s only fitting that Felicia and I would end up purchasing the American side of the Certek brand from her father as the company passes from one generation to the next.

With this next step as owners, my wife and CFO, Felicia, and I, the new CEO of Certek Heat Machine USA, plan to continue Certek’s legacy of putting service first as we take the reins in the United States. We are doubling down on our commitment to putting solutions above pushing products, and people above simply accounts. Our client base and their diverse and ever-changing needs have always been the driver behind our company’s product innovation, and even now, we are continuing that tradition of meeting the market where it’s needs are at by developing new products and new services to help our clients use heat and temperature control to do whatever is it they need to accomplish. 

The energy sector is quite possibly the single most influential industry when it comes to the spread of freedom, prosperity, health, longevity, and overall quality of life for billions of people across the globe. The impact that oil and gas has had on humanity’s overall wellbeing cannot be overstated, and because of that, it has always been an honor and a privilege to work side by side with our partners in the oil and gas industry, helping them continue to work, even when the elements make that a challenge. That being said, Certek recognizes that heat, in all its various forms that it can be applied, is a universal need, and we are eager to spread our brand into new industries that have needs regarding temperature control with services that we either already have or can develop solutions for.

For example, in the wake of COVID-19, the growing need for heating for large indoor and outdoor events that Certek has already begun making inroads into, has died down. However, as has proven true again and again in the life of this company, what at first looks like an obstacle can often turn into an opportunity. Certek now, instead, has begun helping businesses use extreme heat to decontaminate surfaces and spaces that are suspected of having come in contact with germs. As you can imagine, this service is becoming in high demand and utilizes equipment that Certek has already been using for years in other applications. 

Whether it’s permanent heating installations on a pipeline as it runs through one of the most hostile and cold regions on earth, using heat to annihilate pest infestations, separating particulates out of liquids, providing heat to companies to stress test their own equipment, or temporarily heating a building damaged by an earthquake, Certek is committed to continuing to use it’s almost 2 decades in experience in innovation for the purpose of heating at an industrial scale to help people all over North America and the world. After all, heating is what we do, but what our business has always been about is people. People are the ones who get things done in the world, and are the ones who help other people improve their lives. And of course, there are any number of things that can inhibit the work that people need to do to improve their own and the lives of others. More often that you would think, those challenges can be solved through adding or taking away heat. No matter where or what the details are, if the solution is contingent on temperatures, then Certek continues to be committed to help.

As the new owners, Felicia and I would like to, again, thank all of the people who have worked for Certek USA over the years and those who have worked with Certek over the years to help drive its success. We would also like to thank all of the people who have come back to the company and who currently work with us across North America who are now looking toward a bright future as we continue to grow this brand and this company into a world class and globally recognized heating solutions company. Without you and your dedication, none of this would have been possible, and certainly none of what we will be doing in the future will be possible without your continued dedication and support.


Dominic Jones

CEO, Certek Heat Machine USA