Health and Safety

At Certek, we consider the safety of all employees the equal of productivity and quality. Our workforce is trained continually in safety rules and procedures to help make sure that all of us work safely and can go home to our families each day.

We are committed to an injury-free work environment by making safety more important than a priority, because priorities can change. Safety is a value for life that runs true throughout Certek. The value we put on the lives of our employees and families will always be a part of our company culture.

Our personnel roster starts with a core group of experienced individuals of whom have been with the company over seven years. These individuals are thoroughly ingrained with the Certek safety attitude. This group, which identifies with the company’s long-term goals, sets the tone on our projects. They are the key to our success in reducing accidents and the many hardships, both financial and physical, that can result from them. If an accident does occur, our proactive claims management program dramatically reduces the time our employees would be unable to work.

We also strongly believe that it is our God given mandate to be good stewards of this planet. In line with these convictions our policy includes environmental protection controls. These controls limit the effect of environmental damages and ensures that we are leaving our children a bright and clean future.

Our management staff includes a full time health, safety and environment supervisor who proactively works with all our employees and sub trades to ensure a safe work place at all times.

Certek is a member of ISNetwork Contractor Management and is COR certified.