About Us


Certek™ Heat Machine has multiple branches in Canada and the United States. With over 10 years experience in the portable heating business Certek™ is the leader in the field. Certek™ has become the leader in innovative alternatives to conventional heating methods used in today’s most common industries. Construction heat has become safer and far more efficient while significantly lowering operating and insurance costs for the companies we work with. Oilfield heating has been made far more safe and reliable for the personnel involved in high combustion areas.

Mobile heating units are the source of all our heat. These units are the most efficient systems in the industry today. Using hydronic heat transfer, they provide a level of safety to the heating industry that has been dominated, for years, by the more dangerous and inefficient hot oilers, superheaters and steamers.

Certek delivers units with outputs of 1.2MM btu/h, 1.8MM btu/h, 9MM btu/h and 14MM btu/h. By design the systems are all modular with the capabilities of daisy chaining as many units as are required to heat large bodies of water or other heating applications.

In addition to our main hyrdonic heating units, Certek holds multiple patents for components that are engineered to offer solutions for heating. We provide water heating service using our patented Hot-Pod systems for large bodies of water and above ground fluid storage tanks. Water pumping freeze prevention solutions are easily managed using our patented Hose-In-Pipe solutions. Certek continues to maintain an active research and development team who work with companies looking for cost effective ways to quickly, efficiently and safety provide heating solutions for the oil and gas industry.


We will conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity. Our reputation is defined by the conduct of each of us.

We will work safely, valuing the lives and health of our customers and our team.

We will provide the industries with the safest and highest quality heat source, backed with uncompromising service and support.

We will act responsibly, both toward our clients and as good stewards of the environment.

We will have the ambition, enthusiasm, and energy to be productive, efficient, and contribute to an upbeat atmosphere in the workplace.

We will creatively develop our products, to expand and strengthen our capability to serve our clients. We will grow responsibly and not beyond our ability to maintain a consistent standard of safety, quality, and service.

We are committed to give each CERTEK Team member leadership, training, and education, enabling us to provide the safest and best service to our customers, and offer a solid future to our people.